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Strengthening walls and repairing cracks

Many homeowners suffer from cracks in walls or foundations. Cracks are a very common phenomenon that can be observed on a different scale, but on almost all structures: from historical to new buildings. There are a number of reasons for the origin of cracks, but most often they are the result of a combination of several of them.

Damaged masonry is best stabilized and strengthened with Stati-Bar stainless steel spiral rods. Stati-Bar long spiral rods are built into the cut grooves on both sides of the crack. To preserve the aesthetics of the building, this is usually done in mortar joints for a reliable and permanent solution. The tensile load is distributed along the construction of the masonry in order to minimize the further development of cracks that can occur with a simple method of laying and stitching.

When working with repair systems, it is very important to make high demands on the professional competence of the company.

Advantages of screw fittings:

  • Increasing the bearing capacity of walls, columns, beams, floors, slabs, foundations
  • Operative installation - without technological interruptions
  • Production of works takes place autonomously, without dismantling and stopping operation
  • Cracks no longer develop - high efficiency of the technology
  • Relatively low cost compared to traditional overhaul

Composition of the screw fitting system:

  • high-strength spiral (stainless) Stati-Bar fittings
  • non-shrink thixotropic mixture Stati-CAL 30N

The practice of using technologies to solve problems

2 ways to solve problems

You can contact the company and get a turnkey restoration solution by going through following stages:

  • First contact and consultation
  • Visit of a specialist for inspection and measurements
  • Development, presentation and mutual technical discussion decisions
  • Signing of the contract for the provision of services
  • Carrying out repair and restoration works
  • Post-project monitoring (if the service is included in the contract)

You can carry out the work yourself, having received the engineering project and the necessary materials on hand, after passing the following stages:

  • First contact and consultation
  • Obtaining the necessary information for project development decisions
  • Development, presentation and mutual technical discussion decisions
  • Handing over technical cards and conducting consultations on the independent implementation of repair and restoration works
  • Signing of the contract for the supply of materials
  • Forwarding or transfer of all necessary tools and materials

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