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Stitching cracks in a summer house in the suburbs

Stitching cracks in a summer house in the suburbs
Summer house (cottage)
Cracks in the corner of the building with a concentration in the area of the window
Erosion of the foundations due to insufficient drainage
2 days


A private summer house near Chernihiv in the suburbs began to show signs of subsidence. During 12 months, the owner observed how a crack appeared and developed in the wall from the inside of the house. The crack opened to approximately 10 mm along 4 linear meters located in one corner of the building. The settlement of the wall also damaged the exterior brickwork, causing a stepped crack running from the window closest to it.

The owner suspected that the cause of the damage could be the subsidence of the building's foundations and turned to Stati-Cal experts. After the survey, study of the results and consideration of various solution options, the owner entered into a contract with the company.

Company specialists came to the conclusion that the cause of subsidence could be insufficient water drainage from the building. Recommendations were given to eliminate the prerequisites for relapse and a solution was developed to strengthen structures with Stati-Bar ties.

The work was completed within two days on the outside of the building. No earthworks or expensive "repairs" of the foundation with the organization of full-fledged "construction" were necessary.


Statical technicians need to reinforce disconnected structures in the corner of the building to restore the integrity of the building and prevent further damage. It was necessary to process and "stitch" two parts of the building. The works were planned around the building and carried out on weekends without causing discomfort to both the building and the owners of the building. Installation of rods was carried out in the seams of masonry to avoid even cosmetic damage during repairs.


The work was completed within two days, while the company's technicians constantly monitored the building. It was decided to start the work only after the Statical engineers were convinced that all their recommendations for eliminating the causes of relapse had been implemented. Using the StatiBar traction system, the designed solution was implemented in the beginning subsidence zone. When the system of rods is installed in the structure, the additional support of the structures, generated by prestressed reinforcement and a special solution that fills cracks and grooves, stitches the structure, restoring its integrity and strength.

Statikal technicians "stitched" almost the entire corner of the building and additionally installed traction in the reliably standing part of the building, distributing the increased load due to the split in the building. In this way, the property and peace of mind of the owners were saved quickly and economically with a 10-year guarantee.

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